Thursday, December 22, 2011

Standing Alone

What is it about the city? It seems that I too often read experiences based solely on the freedom of Thailand, the welcoming aspect of the Thai culture. That's an easy theme I think. A story line that cities and travel shows can tell without a thought to experience.

I think that's also a major drawback to living in Thailand actually. There's not enough people here willing or able to provide a complete picture. I know these people exist, but what I mean is that a true depiction of Thailand is complicated, and one that takes a lot of time to tell.

Television and news people don't have the time. They have a story to sell to viewers with short attention spans and tired eyes. The easy story is best, and that's the one we take home.

I re-read a post awhile ago from a friend that used to write a blog here as well. He wrote that every time he returns to Bangkok he experiences that initial excitement. That euphoria precedes the dip, a deep loneliness that rushes you quietly, a large wave you didn't expect or see on a darkened beach. It's a wave that can't be avoided, because you recognized it too late.


  1. That was a long gap after the last post in 2010.

  2. How interesting....after a few months here I can see what you are saying. Still, I have done my bit of traveling and living around the region and Bangkok still fascinates and accommodates me the most.

    You are around the same age as me...I am having some interesting experiences right now here, come on over to see how my story develops :)

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